Why hire a freelancer?

I’ve been in my freelance career a matter of weeks now and as it’s already Freelance Heroes Day! So, it made sense for me to write about why I suggest organisations could and should hire a freelance.

Firstly, let’s start by explaining what I mean by a freelancer, or really, what I don’t mean by freelancer.  I am not referring to someone on work experience or an internship, or someone who wants a part-time job.

I am talking about a professional who has experience in their field, who runs their own business and provides top-quality work.

Here are six benefits of hiring a freelancer…pst…like me.

Freelancers don’t come with big overheads like hiring full-time employees do. No sick pay, holiday pay or pension contributions. You give them a brief and they give you a quote.

Lots of freelancers have specialist areas as well as being able to write generally. My experience is in the health sector and medical research as well as being able to write a more general or corporate content. By hiring a freelancer, an organisation can choose the right person that fits the specific job that needs doing and someone that fits the company.

Good freelancers have a wealth of experience from working with a variety of clients. As their business grows so does their client base which you will be able to benefit from. If you don’t know where the freelancer has worked before, ask them. And check out their reviews page on their website. Connecting with them on platforms like LinkedIn will also give you an insight into their experience and what makes them tick. Here’s mine for good measure https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebecca-attwood-5b946872/

Time and freedom
Hiring freelancers helps you streamline your business and allows you and other colleagues to focus on other things. You work with them when you need them. It could also be the start of a long-standing relationship between you and the freelancer.

Freelancers rely on repeat business and referrals. They want to do a good job. They will go above and beyond to ensure they provide a quality product to keep you coming back and so you tell your friends about them.

Fresh eyes

Working with someone outside your organisation will give you a fresh pair of eyes on a project. They will come in with their ideas in relation to the brief and may open your eyes to new angles or opportunities. If you are a small company, a freelancer can also give you a change in someone to talk to and broaden your network. The freelancer could refer you and lead to more business for you. The power of networking.

There are more benefits to working with freelancers – the list could go on. So, if you’re looking to for someone to help enhance your reputation through effective PR or if you’re in need of some copywriting services then please get in touch and let’s talk through your requirements. As you can see, you will benefit from a working with a freelancer.