Last week was one of the busiest I’ve had in my time being self-employed. A kick off meeting with a new client, two events to promote, two news releases written, one newsletter written and sent out and three Christmas pitches sent. Oh, and one conference call for a potential new client. And that’s just the ‘big’ stuff. 

It was also an emotional week in my personal life as my daughter started school. I didn’t think I would feel emotional about it. But my heart strings went, and I felt enormous pride when I took her into school on that first morning.

Yes, being freelance meant that I could work around Olivia’s half days at school and pick her up when needed, take her to gymnastics and swimming and still get the to-do list done. 

But that’s not what this blog is about – I’ve written about the advantages (and disadvantages) of being self-employed before. 

This one is about collaboration. Because all of those ‘big’ things that took place last week, all involved some sort of collaboration. Being self-employed doesn’t mean you have to be solo all the time. 

One of the events was with double gold medal winner Dame Kelly Holmes. My client Burrells has just announced her as a brand ambassador. Speaking to the press at a customer event I organised, she talked about the importance of collaboration in being successful. You need to surround yourself with great people who you believe in. In her case, a trainer, a nutritionist, a sports scientist…

And she’s right when she said that this is the same in business too. Surround yourself and work with good people who you believe in, you trust and who you work well with. 

About a year ago, I wrote about going from a big team to my own team. I’m proud to say that I am collaborating with some inspirational people that I learn from and who I hope, learn from me. My successes are down to my hard work, experience and expertise but they are also down to those who I surround myself with. They help me be successful and for that, I am very grateful.