I really love this move from Nike, to display their plus size athletic range in their flagship store. 

I love it for a few things. 

1. From a PR point of view it’s got people talking. Thousands of social media posts have been sent, discussing how empowering it is and how people hope other retailers follow suit. Some people are questioning the move, saying it promotes obesity. Nike was trending globally and provoking debate. No matter side of the fence you came down on, you were talking about them.

2. From one move they got media coverage around the world in main stream media, glossy magazines, business media, sports media and so on. Lots of column inches discussing their brand both in print and online. 

3. The debate has also allowed other organisations and individuals to offer comment and discussion points allowing them to raise their profile on a national level and across social media. This one in the Guardian is especially good. Expert comment is one of the best PR ways to help you stand out (I feel another blog coming on about this).

4. But more importantly than all of that, I love it because I believe we should be doing everything we can to encourage EVERYONE to be more active. Whether it’s running, dancing, swimming, team sports, walking. Whether they’re young, old, fat, thin, disabled or able bodied, we all need to be more active for a healthier lifestyle. 

Obesity is an epidemic, but I do not believe, like some, that Nike’s display promotes obesity. I believe this will encourage more people of those sizes to pick up some sports gear and be active than it will put anyone off. I hope they will feel empowered by it and be able to see themselves in that type of clothing. Seeing stick thin mannequins in every store does not inspire people of average and above-average sizes. It’s the same in running adverts. The models do not sweat, they do not look puffed out and they look like they could keep going and going. When I run, I go the colour of a beetroot within 10 paces, my breathing goes very heavy and I have sweat dripping all down my face and neck. Not a pretty sight like those models. I hope other brands follow Nike’s move and start to show more realistic people in their adverts. It should be said that Nike are not the first to do this. Some brands like Dove have made changes to their campaigns before this to be more ‘realistic’ in their marketing and bravo to them. Those brands and Nike should be applauded.

Now, where are my running shoes.